Power of Attorney

Who will manage your affairs should you become incapable due to an accident, stroke, dementia or Alzheimer’s? Who will sign cheques, documents and withdraw money from your account to pay the bills? 


Do you own a business? What would happen to the business in these circumstances?

Unless you have a Power of Attorney in place you may end up with your partner or whoever going to court for permission to handle your affairs and at considerable costs in both time and money. 

All of these problems can be resolved through putting a Power of Attorney in place now.

Although an unpleasant thought, many people lose the ability to handle their own affairs during their lifetime. However, by signing a Power of Attorney you can ensure that if this should ever happen, someone you have chosen and trust will look after your affairs.

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Making a Will

Having a Will lets you decide how your estate will be divided on your death, you can specify who gets money or specific items of your estate.

A Will can also make sure that you do not pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to and that your estate can be wound up quicker and cheaper. Contact us


Will Review Service

  • Marriage/Civil partnership
  • Birth of a new child/grandchild
  • Retiring
  • Moving abroad


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