Equity Release (over 55's)

Equity Release will allow you to release some of the equity from within your home without the need for you to move or even make any monthly repayments; you can receive the money in a lump sum or in the form of a monthly income or a combination of both.


Any money released through Equity Release does not have to be paid back until you or your partner have died or gone into Long Term Care.


At JMC Financial Services we are qualified to give you advice and recommendations on all aspects of Equity Release Schemes, as Independent Financial Advisers we have access to the whole Equity Release market.


Even if you already have an existing Equity Release scheme talk to us we may be able to get you a more competitive scheme, which can dramatically reduce the amount of interest that accumulates in the future.


Contact us for your FREE consultation to assess your personal circumstances to see if Equity Release is the most suitable advice for you.

Uses For Equity Release

We find that people use equity release to fund a number of things in retirement including home improvements, new cars and holidays.


Common reasons for taking out equity release include the desire to maintain a certain lifestyle into retirement and to finance one-off events. Additionally, some people simply do not want to move out of their home and away from family and friends but need additional finance to be able to stay there.

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